About me

Dariusz Ślusarski was born (1979) and works in Częstochowa. He graduated from Jacek Malczewski High School of Fine Arts and thereafter he continued his education at Jan Długosz University. The artist has been painting for more than 20 years and in the art market he has been known as a representative of surrealism – magical realism. Through his works Dariusz takes us to his magical world, to which he has devoted his whole life. Although the track he has chosen is windy and twisty, he has been perfecting his painting skills and techniques all the way through it, learning from the best masters in this field. The painter has accomplished a high position on the art market, mostly due to his skills and incredible imagination. He neither keeps to the beaten track nor conforms to external influences. The artist’s paintings present stories which take us to the surreal world of his own. The painter has already presented his works on numerous exhibitions and art fairs of high importance, among others in London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Cracow and most often, in his home town of Częstochowa, where the artist lives and works. Dariusz’s paintings can be found in the best galleries across the whole Poland as well as in private collections both home and abroad.

Despite relatively few documented achievements, I am a well known figure among the artistic circles of Częstochowa. Considered an outsider, balancing on the verge of reality, wandering around the tangled paths of art, I can only pride myself on few achievements, which by no means should be considered a determining factor regarding my talent or self-esteem:

  • In 1994-1999 an exhibition hosted by the Jacek Secondary School of Fine Arts
  • In 1999 an exhibition at the Club Sofa
  • In 2000-2008 practice of improving the workshop and the creative thinking under the eye of Tomasz Sętowski 
  • In 2008 an exhibition at the Club PARADOKS
  • In 2009 award in the competition of the art photography Climates of Częstochowa carried out as part of the annual action being aimed at promoting the city
  • In 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013 charity auction in the framework of the action Gift for Smallest
  • In 2010 participation in an auction of works of art and of Images in the DESA gallery
  • In 2011/2012 participation in charity auction in the framework of the action Gift of Hearts
  • In 2012 an exhibition at the Restaurant Club TOPOLLINO
  • In 2013 Parallax Art Fair in London 
  • In 2013 ARTEXPO in Krakow 
  • In 2014 an exhibition at the Galeria Trzy Kolory – Częstochowa
  • 2014 Jazz Art Fashion Festival 2014 “Otchłań Namietności”  
  • 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 Artistic Derby Silesia Lesser Poland – presentation of works in a collective exhibition as an honorary guest in Chrzanów (Municipal Public Library), Trzebinia (Youth Culture Center), Kęty, Łodygowice, Rybnik, Kraków (Polish Aviation Museum), Czeladz, Katowice.2015 an exhibition at the Art Tower in Kielce
  • 2015 Londyn Flux Royal College of Art 
  • 2015 /2016 Magical Dreams III Szczyrk Warsaw
  • 2016 an exhibition at the Magic of Moment in Częstochowa – award ceremony from the ROTARY Association
  • 2017 Projekt ”METAMORFOZA” Gdańsk
  • 2017 an exhibition at the’ ‘IMAGINAIRE IX” – Gallery Knud Grothe – Dania
  • 2017 an exhibition at the ”DOLINA INOWACJI” – Tarnowskie Góry
  • 2018 an exhibition – Częstochowa
  • 2019 an dragon exhibition – Częstochowa
  • 2019 V Jubilee Art Open Air – Mikołajki – Stare Sady Pod Jabłoniami – Collective exhibition
  • 2019 an group exhibition at the – MUZEUM NARODOWE – Warszawa
  • 2019/2020 an exhibition at the ”REALISM AND MOM’S SENSES” – Częstochowa
  • 2020 Wheel perception – ” PEOPLE’S EARTH ” – Gdańska